Foods that Will Help Reduce Body Fat

There are particular foods that can assist your body to burn fat, and particular foods that cause the body store belly fat. Here are 7 foods you should add to your everyday diet plan if losing fat is your goal.

These foods will eliminate stomach fat quickly, in 2 methods: by accelerating your metabolic process, subsequently lowering insulin levels, and by building muscle mass (muscles burn more calories than fat). Your objective is to incorporate more of these specific foods into your diet to lose belly fat fast.

Turkey, Lean Fish, and Chicken

Turkey, lean fish, and chicken are all excellent healthy sources of lean protein. The more protein you consume, the harder your system needs to work to digest it. As a result, more calories are burned while digesting your dinner. It is best to avoid the skin on turkey and chicken, since that’s where all the hydrogenated fat is located. Frying is not recommended in order to avoid the trans fats inherent to the process, but rather broil, bake, saute,or grill your proteins as a healthier alternative.


The most significant benefit to eating vegetables, especially the leafy green variety, is that you can consume them in large quantities and still slim down. The very best belly fat burners are spinach, radishes, peppers, broccoli, wheat grass, asparagus, turnip greens, kale, collards, celery, mustard greens, carrots, cabbage, eggplant,  cauliflower, beet greens, and brussel sprouts. Put any of these together in a stir-fry in olive oil along with a little cayenne pepper for a scrumptious fat-burning meal.

Seeds and nuts

Seeds and nuts contain healthy fats that enhance the body’s metabolic process and assist you to burn fat. Be cautious: If your goal is to lose tummy fat, you should restrict your intake of seeds and nuts to one, single ounce serving a day because they are so high in calories; they are a healthy fat, however still a fat.  Eat them raw and watch your portions and they will promote weight loss and suppress your appetite.

So what does an ounce of nuts look like?  “A handful”– exactly what fits in the palm of your hand. An empty Altoids box filled with nuts or seeds is a safely proportioned snack you can travel with confidently. Sitting in front of the TV and consuming a whole bag of nuts is not the solution. Healthy eating generally suggests we do not eat out of monotony or for entertainment. You need to be disciplined about how and when you eat to achieve success with any weight loss plan.


In the warm summer months, sweet berries are simply wonderful to eat. They are a great healthy treat, or you can incorporate them into a protein shake for an early morning alternative to a heavy breakfast, or even as a treat later on in the day.

If fresh berries are not available, out of season, or too costly, frozen berries work very well, pureed in a mixer, and drunk as a fruit shake. Easy and tasty!

green tea

Green tea by AnneCN fm Flickr

Green Tea

Green tea has been proven as one of the best metabolism boosters to drink. It also slows the aging process— twenty times more effective than vitamin E because of its strong antioxidant properties. There are numerous fantastic advantages of drinking green tea, however as far as weight loss goes, it merely helps the body burn fat much faster and more efficiently.

Cayenne Pepper

Due to the fact that it fires up your metabolism, Cayenne pepper is understood as a fat burner. It heats up the body, and the body burns calories when it attempts to cool itself down. So spice it up for sure! It works so well, some people actually buy cayenne pepper capsules to facilitate burning belly fat quickly.

Protein Shakes

Protein shakes will help develop muscle, and the more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn. Protein also helps support blood sugar level levels and avoids insulin spikes that result in fat storage.

There are several different types of protein powders offered. Whey protein is often favored. It is a complete premium protein that speeds up metabolism. Those who are lactose intolerant will find it causes gas, indigestion, and bloating, however. Alternatives in that case would be rice, soy, and hemp protein powders. Vegetarians can use rice protein or a plant-based protein powder.

Other tips to Help Reduce Body Fat

While modifying your diet will certainly help achieve your goal, moderate exercise should also accompany your changes.  Increased water intake and eliminating sugar to whatever extent is possible is also recommended.



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