All Day Breakfast in Allen, Tx

When I was a kid, the normal weekday schedule was 3 squares a day: Breakfast before school, mid-day meal, and supper on the table at 6:30.  Breakfast consisted of cereal or waffles, lunch was whatever the school offered, and evening repast was meat, potato (sometimes a noodle, never rice), and a veggie, usually accented by a slice of bread and butter. On the weekends, breakfast was whenever we rolled out of bed but the schedule and fare remained much the same.

These days, we find eating habits for most everybody are drastically different.

Breakfast is a thing for most people but isn’t always on a set schedule or at a set hour.   I personally don’t enjoy cooking eggs or making myself breakfast before heading out to work and prefer to stop somewhere along the way to pick up a food item to take to the office.

Fortunately, I am near the Allen Café and they serve breakfast in Allen, Tx all day, every day, so I can grab a fresh, home-cooked breakfast if in the mood.  They have a great lunch menu too, but if I want breakfast at mid-day, it’s a done deal.

Lifestyle Changes and Millennial Influence are Driving our Choices

As technology becomes more integral to our lives, we find our lifestyles are becoming more fluid and fast paced. Millennials are especially driven to negotiate this new landscape and are bringing a new normal into play.  As a result, many non-millennials are taking advantage of this fluidity and redesigning their own lifestyles to varying degrees.

One of the modifications has fallen into the category of dietary habits.  Meals may be more frequent and smaller.  We may tend to grab and go, or practice a grazing mentality.  Depending on your choices, this can be a successful approach or a disaster.  Those that favor sandwiches, pizza, and even mexican food or tacos as their first meal are pushing the boundaries of nutrition.

All Day Breakfast

Those whose income depends on our food consumption have noticed the shift.  Many have adopted a “breakfast all day” menu, appealing to those who want to grab breakfast at any time of the day.  It’s quick, easy, yummy, and can be consumed while doing something else.  While it may take two hands to handle a Whopper, a sausage and egg biscuit can be eaten while driving, walking, blogging, pretty much anything.  Millennials especially are known for this meal multi-tasking approach to life.

Three squares daily is a nice tradition though.  It’s a good opportunity to get together with families to catch up on their lives.  Not many other opportunities exist to commune with your loved ones on a regularly scheduled basis.  We have found that millennials don’t like to eat like that and it makes for a hard time getting together for 3 meals a day.

The tradition hasn’t gone completely by the wayside but it’s slowly phasing out as we find the younger generation grows their influence.  They may be doing their bonding at a lunch or dinner meal with friends and family, whether it’s at a local eatery like Allen-Cafe or at home varies, but the communion is still happening to some degree.  Restaurant operators find that the millennial generation is the most regular patron of restaurants in today’s marketplace overall, and all-day breakfast is substantially increasing revenue.  That says something significant for restaurateurs looking for means to add to revenue.

Caution Should be Exercised

From a nutrition standpoint, breakfast food will still have higher fat, sugar, and salt, however, healthier options are available.  You can stick with the standard fare or mix it up with choices outside the normal breakfast menu.   International cuisine offers interesting alternatives to cereal or eggs, often adding tasty sauces to flavors you’re familiar with.  As long as you’re not eating donuts every morning, whatever variety found in your breakfast menu will be advantageous to your day.  Enjoy the experience and delight your pallet with new options and flavors for breakfast!

While it’s a clever strategy, patrons should exercise caution and monitor their overall nutritional intake.  Do what you want, when you want, but don’t sell yourself short.  Healthy breakfast food options should be interspersed with the grab and go alternatives to round out your diet.  Ensuring you eat something healthy to begin each day is a great step forward as you set out to improve your lifestyle.


Come join us for a healthy, nutritious breakfast at the nearby Allen-Cafe, a restaurant in Allen, Tx, north of Plano!  We’ll home-cook your favorites, just the way you like them!  Bring the kids, or meet your office mates for an early meeting!  We have a great environment there to serve you and your business.



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