Breakfast an Important Meal, Test the Science

There’s a division of opinion in the scientific community regarding the subject.  Beyond the science, we believe the social aspect of a morning meal is an imperative to a productive day.  The Allen Cafe offers home-style cooking without the challenge to your morning schedule.  Bring the kids before school or meet with work mates to begin the day with some bacon and eggs bonding!

You’re likely to be firmly planted in one of the two camps, to have or have not, mostly because the majority of us have had it ingrained in us since birth.  Recent generations have been told the A.M. repast is crucial and our parents enforced the idea by insisting we eat the moment we get out of bed.

Schools have stated that our little ones should have a fulfilling morning meal before coming in so they can concentrate and learn better.

Weight-loss consultants have told us eating breakfast will help us lose weight and stabilize our metabolism.

So, what’s the truth?  There is insufficient data to definitively state that it is indeed the most critical meal of the day.

However, anecdotal evidence states the contrary.  Parents do see their kids perform better in school if they have something healthy before going in.  We do feel better if we have breakfast before starting out.  Amazingly, many who consume it daily will maintain or reduce weight.

Why Is That?

One could say that, assuming children have had a good night’s sleep, eating breakfast helps them maintain alertness.  Having something in their tummy gets them focused and not fretting about when meal break is coming.

When we take the time to eat before going to work, or have something prior to the mid-day break, we also benefit from the dynamic of digestion.  We are able to focus more on whatever we need to be doing instead of agonizing over the impending lunch and our eagerness to get there.  We probably have more energy because we’ve added fuel to the tank, so long as it’s not over-full, that can have the opposite effect.

As far as weight loss, it’s probably attributable to the fact that those that have breakfast regularly typically have a more structured diet and are less likely to over indulge in snacks.  On the other hand, it’s also been seen to be the case that those that quit having breakfast are liable to drop weight… although that’s not mentioned nearly as often.  Calories in, calories out.  Obviously if the cut out calories they may eliminate a bit of weight.

Our system is absolutely affected by the timing of our food intake, but consistency is probably more urgent than the specific time.  For instance, if you usually don’t have breakfast until you get to the office and settle into your desk, and that happens to fall around 10am, making it your “breakfast time”, it’s not going to matter that you missed the standard 8am breakfast hour.

The same goes for any meal.  Start out by discovering when your body says it’s hungry, then plan your schedule accordingly.  Once you have one, stick to it!  You can have 10am breakfast, 2pm lunch, 7pm dinner, and still be boosting your metabolism, losing weight, and functioning efficiently at work.

Other factors, specifically what food you eat and how much physical activity you have in your day, will have more impact on any of these questions than whether you skip breakfast on occasion.

Additional Research Required

So yes, it’s a meal you shouldn’t skip because it offers another opportunity to visit with your loved ones, your friends around the water cooler, and let you feel good about your conscientious eating habits.  In and of itself though, not so much importance is attached to the concept of having breakfast immediately after your alarm goes off.  There is no clear evidence that breakfast is essential.  At least that’s today’s verdict.

You’ll still find many that swear by breakfast and all it’s supposed benefits.  Probably best to just smile and join them for breakfast.

Conflicting Information

Alternatively, some recent studies have revealed that skipping breakfast or snacking late at night could actually raise risks for heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.  Apparently that study indicated when we eat is as influential as what we eat.

As more studies are done and more information is collected, perhaps that opinion will change and be updated by nutritional experts down the road.  It happens.   My advice would be to use your head and eat sensibly at regular intervals.  That should ensure you are fine.

In the meantime, maximize your breakfast enjoyment by having it with friends or family at the Allen Café in Allen, Tx!  They serve breakfast all day, every day, and have a great lunch selections too!



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