Will You Lose Weight if you Eat Breakfast?

Tricky question.  There is plenty of research out there, you see the results on cereal commercials.  The problem is this: studies conducted by cereal manufacturers can be suspect, making it difficult to identify good food.

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Consider the fact that statistics are interpreted to relate to whatever is being researched and can be made to reflect whatever results are preferred.  The idea that they are open to interpretation should give you a clue.  It’s only been in recent years that we’ve seen evidence of who exactly funded each study, and often it’s the cereal companies themselves.

The result?  When you see claims of cereal nutrition promoting weight loss on a cereal box, that represents an interpretation of the resulting statistics of a study conducted by a cereal company.  In truth, the findings may have more accurately shown that having breakfast of any kind would prevent over-eating later in the day because you missed breakfast, so you might lose weight.

For instance, the recent study published that challenges the recommendation to limit sugar intake was funded by Coke and Hershey.  Health advocates expressed criticism of the findings of course.  The whole situation underscores the vulnerability.  Consider your sources and make intelligent, informed decisions.

Not to say all cereal is bad, nor that all research is invalid, just take radical concepts with a grain of salt.  Use your common sense and when you feel the need, study the science behind the statistic.

Lose Weight? Inconclusive Results

There are still disparate viewpoints on the benefits of breakfast altogether.  Some are firmly in the “most important meal of the day” camp and others are falling into the “eat when you’re hungry” camp.  Both theories have merit.

It’s important to find what works for you and stick with it.  When it comes to metabolism, consistency is key.  Your system benefits from a regular schedule and it helps your metabolism when it knows there’s food expected so perhaps a blending of both camps is the best approach.

For instance, if you’re not ready for breakfast when your feet hit the floor in the morning, then wait until you are ready and grab it then.  Typically, that convenient rumble will hit around the same time each day, so enjoying breakfast when it fits will still work to your benefit.

Nutrition Science Evolves

As we study ourselves and what we consume, nutrition science changes.  With regard to breakfast, the definition has transformed over time ranging from lavish (with added alcoholic beverages!) of the wealthy class through the industrial era where it became quick bacon, eggs, pancakes and sandwiches.  John Harvey Kellogg completely upended the concept with the advent of cereal.

We have been socially programmed to value the breakfast meal as transformative, a good beginning to our day, however there is no clear scientific evidence that breakfast will help you lose weight, stay thin, or boost your metabolism.  Anecdotal evidence would lead us to believe the contrary, but in the scientific community, the jury is still out to breakfast.

What Studies DO Show

While it has been demonstrated that those eating breakfast regularly have a generally lower body mass index, such findings aren’t necessarily in correlation.  We do know that people that have breakfast tend to be more structured and maintain a reasonable eating pattern for meals the remainder of the day, so might lose weight.

Perhaps the lesson to take away is sensible intake at sensible intervals will result in healthy, energized, relatively fit, kids and adults.  Maybe not, we’ll have to keep you posted.



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