Family Restaurants Offer Home-Style Cooking and Service

home-style cooking

Many of us are on short schedules that don’t allow for a lot of meal prep time. We are offered many choices when we consider where to get our next meal.

There’s the quick and easy drive thru, where meals are inexpensive for the most part, however, are loaded with things we don’t want. Fats, preservatives, sugar in unexpected places… fries for instance, and we find the combo meals are less expensive than ordering separate items without a drink. The result is, we are taking in even more sugar in the soft drinks that are included, as there are few healthy options in that category.

Home-Style Cooking and Family-Style Service

OmeletteAlternatively, we can opt for what my family affectionately calls “sit down restaurants.” These are family restaurants that offer home-style cooking, many advertising fresh ingredients, local specialties, a wide variety of meal options, and a homey atmosphere that welcomes you back each visit.

When weighed against fast food, there’s really no contest. You do however need to gather the family, pile them in the car, and bustle them into the restaurant for their meal. After the first time, you’ll find it doesn’t take all that much longer to get your food, the family actually spends time together while they have dinner together, and there isn’t any clean up waiting for you at home! In the long run, you’ll save money and time while eating healthier and maximizing dinner time with the family.

Yes, there are bigger “sit down restaurants,” where you can find many meal choices that resemble home cooking, however, they’re missing that family atmosphere. The mix of patrons is unpredictable and often include a bar, equally unpredictable. It’s so large that some of the intimacy of a family restaurant is lost. Honestly, if we feel the need for one of their particular menu items, we take it to go and enjoy it at home.

A family restaurant will offer home cooked meals in an intimate setting, with service that is often more personalized and welcoming. Not to disparage other servers, smaller restaurants are less busy as a rule, so more personalized service is possible.

Consider a New Tradition

Allen-CafeThe next time you find yourself considering breakfast, lunch, or dinner options, think about establishing a new tradition. Find a nice family restaurant, close to home, to make your favorite.

If you live in the Allen, TX area, Allen Cafe is an excellent choice for both breakfast and lunch. They serve breakfast all day, and lunch until 3pm, complete with friendly servers and homey atmosphere.



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