Breakfast is Important for Children

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The concept of having breakfast before heading off to school is widely accepted as a practice ensuring our loved ones are able to focus and actively participate in learning at school.  Good intentions however sometimes descend into chaos and a pop-tart on the bus or in the car while you race to make the first bell.  Since the pop-tart packaging extols the nutritional value of their fruit-filled goodness, despite the ultimate good intentions of offering them for breakfast, they’re probably not going to serve the purpose you were looking for.  Breakfast in Allen, TX is easy.  Visit the Allen-Cafe!

Restaurant owners are offering consumers an array of breakfast options to suit various taste buds, so the pop-tart breakfast can potentially be avoided, however it appears efforts are being made to return to a more traditional approach.  Some families are actually attempting to reinstate the at home, sit-down with your family, morning repast, however motivating little ones out of their warm beds a bit earlier can present it’s own challenges, potentially putting a damper on the mood once their at the table.

Making time to stop in and have a sit-down breakfast or fitting one into morning routines is becoming more prevalent.  If you don’t have the time or energy to put together breakfast before heading out, a local café can be a great stop.  The kids can still sleep in a bit and Mom can get organized for a smooth out-the-door experience, without having to squeeze in fixing and cleaning up breakfast fare.

Allen Café, a restaurant in Allen, TX north of Plano, for example, offers an awesome, varied breakfast menu and can quickly get you served and back on your way after you’ve had that kick-off visit with your kiddos.   Great fresh, home-cooked food with the chance to touch base with your kids and set them off on a positive note for the day is invaluable.

The practice will additionally help establish structure for your child, so important for their development.  As we move away from the traditional schedule, every opportunity must be taken advantage of to build that routine and structure their dietary plan.  Breakfast bonding can also be instrumental in developing and maintaining a healthy relationship going forward.

Important for Children, Breakfast is a Magical Meal

As adults who tend to forget themselves when catering to their children’s needs, regular breakfast can have a magical effect on everyone.  Not only do your little ones benefit, but parents will also find it uplifting to connect with them and fulfill that basic need, both for food and conversation.

Just be mindful of what you’re consuming and don’t go for the 6-course breakfast.  Something small, pairing proteins, carbohydrates, and fat will offer nutrition from various food groups and keep you going until lunch.  A muffin with cheese is a good example.  Pairing will keep your intake well rounded even when you are not able to fit in three full meals a day.

Breakfast in Allen, TX, Anytime!

Even if you can’t do a sit-down breakfast every day, an increasing number of quick options are available that can feed the need when you’re in a rush.  Mom can even get breakfast later if driving and eating isn’t preferred.  So many places serve breakfast throughout the day now, it’s available whenever the mood hits.

Your kiddos will look forward to those breakfast events where you can take them to a sit-down breakfast though, so try to schedule one often, whatever fits your schedule.  You’ll be glad you did and will find they will treasure the memory of ‘breakfast with Mom’ on those special days.

Breakfast is important for children and adults.  Don’t miss out!




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