Lunch Evolution

Lunch, as a mid-day meal, is often a small meal, designed to ward away hunger until returning home from work and having dinner. It is usually eaten early in the afternoon, often with friends or coworkers at local establishments near work, or sometimes just at the workplace in a space designated for that purpose or even at ones workstation.

It is common to for many to eat sandwiches for lunch, filled with sweet or savory foodstuffs such as peanut butter, slices of meat, or cheese. The meal typically includes coffee, milk or juice, and sometimes yogurt, or some fruit or soup.

Today, casual, fast-food establishments have risen to prominence in society, offering a plethora of alternatives. Even so, those types of restaurants are seeing less traffic than in previous years. Some places that have seen popularity and relative success are now struggling to maintain standards as business declines.

Some countries make lunch their main meal of the day, offering several courses. Depending on the culture of their particular society, these can consist of the entire food pyramid. A bit much if you need to go back to work, and have no time for a nap, most strive for a happy medium while considering their dietary needs.

For some, that happy medium is found by patronizing options that offer home cooked menu items, allowing them to size their meals as they prefer while enjoying the benefits of home cooking. Home cooking often allows for more nutritious meal components and modification to suit the consumer. Most find the atmosphere much more inviting and relaxing, offering a quality break from the day many need.

What About Dinner?

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We find that many families today are having difficulty serving home cooked dinner, as there isn’t typically a parent able to stay home full time to manage meals. As a result, many don’t have time to cook a substantive evening meal, or even know how. Given the choice of stopping at the store to pick up various meal ingredients or picking up some Chinese take-out, tired, overworked families are opting for take-out. Families even could believe they’re saving money eating the easy way, however, miss the implications of losing nutritional value.

The solution is in part found in pre-preparation. Some families put in extra effort on the weekends to prepare re-heatable meals like casseroles, soups, and salads, sometimes even the main course can be prepared and stored until needed. Preparing entire meals, or just the side items in advance, will cut down preparation times and hopefully encourage healthier meals at dinner. While it seems more beneficial to switch your main meal to lunch, which works for many, families still need that meal together to nurture relationships and ensure all family members consume at least one healthy meal a day.

Business Lunches

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Lunch has also become a platform for business meetings. To conduct them successfully, there are a few guidelines to follow. The reasons for conducting business at lunch are obvious. Their office is their territory, including the standard interruptions and attendant distractions like emails and phone calls. Your office offers much of the same. Beyond that, they may feel guarded at your office and you want them comfortable and open. Let the environment work for you and control the entire atmosphere at your favorite restaurant.

Tell your associate that you will arrange everything and send them the info on where to meet. Pick a restaurant that is quiet so they can hear you. Ask their food preferences and find an appropriate setting–be it trendy or classic, elegant or casual–that reflects the impression you want to make, even if it’s not your usual restaurant. Pre-arrange with the wait-staff (pre-tip, and learn their names) to take special care of your table so the focus is on your business at hand. Now everything is on your turf and your prospect can be wowed by your style, initiative, and way with people.

It should be obvious, but when lunching with coworkers, pick up the check!!! Many business people are inclined to split bills today. Going Dutch is not an option if you want retain any sort of influence. You want your associate to feel somewhat obligated to you even if just for the lunch. Ensure you have that advantage when the lunch meeting is concluded. The best way to assure this is to prime the wait staff privately before the lunch even starts. You can decide whether or not to tell your associate up front that this experience is on you, or wait until the end as a surprise. Either way, you’ll put them in a position of gratitude at the end, leaving you open to pursue any further steps.

Find Your Happy Medium

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For the best of both worlds, find a family restaurant you enjoy. It should have a good atmosphere for both family and business meals, with excellent home cooking options available for a variety of preferences. It will only enhance your experience and success to build a relationship with your favorite eating establishment. They can help you achieve your business goals while, at the same time, your nutritional goals as well.



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