No Time for Breakfast?  Here’s What to Focus On

Breakfast, as the most important meal of the day, has long been believed to be the determining factor as to whether your dietary day will be successful, or that you’ll have the energy to navigate your day effectively. Recent studies have reflected what occurs in the body when you forego the morning meal on a regular basis. While some individuals may indeed shed more calories upon skipping their morning meal, the practice can increase dangerous inflammation. When you feel you have no time for breakfast, consider the following.

You may actually put on weight

If your goal is to lose weight, logic would tell you eating less should help you lose weight, however, we’ve found that not to be universally true. Even though research has offered varied results on the affects of breakfast on weight loss, it’s been made clear that skipping breakfast definitely has bearing on weight gain. It’s theorized that those that eat breakfast most of the time are most likely to be living healthier lifestyles, which are typically associated with maintaining optimum body weight and good health. The other side of the coin, those that avoid breakfast, finds that these individuals tend to eat more during the course of their day, often consuming the majority of their daily caloric intake during the most inactive times of their day. It’s a common misconception that skipping breakfast leads to fewer calories consumed daily. The result is usually that those skipping their morning meal will end up eating much more than they need at lunch. Even more detrimental to your weight loss goals would be to end up eating late at night, and most of us know that’s a bad idea.

Make it Quick

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Making time for breakfast can be easy if you plan ahead. Plenty of nutritious options exist that are quick and healthy. Try preparing oatmeal in individual glass jars for easy storage and on the go access. Add fruits that are in season, like strawberries, blueberries, peaches, or any fruit you enjoy to give a healthy, tasty boost to your oatmeal.

Not Just Your Weight at Risk

Skipping breakfast can affect your ability to think clearly as well. Your brain is fueled by glucose. The extended fasting state experienced by sleeping all night causes decreased blood glucose, influencing your cognition abilities. Breakfast offers an opportunity to feed your brain with necessary nutrients, especially important after a good night’s sleep. Research shows school children perform better when they have breakfast before school. The best breakfast contains the correct amount of carbs, as they break down into sugars, enhancing cognition and memory important to support learning skills. Sugary pastries aren’t going to cut it though. Instead, select complex carbohydrates like whole grains, and protein like in eggs, along with healthy fats like those found in avocado to get the best start to your day.


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Avocado has gained some popularity with those in the nutrition field. There are many ways to incorporate this powerhouse into your diet. Try using mashed avocado as a spread on whole-grain toast, adding sweet or savory flavors to your taste. Try walnuts, raw honey, and cinnamon for a sweet garnish; or an egg, crushed red pepper flakes, and sea salt for a more savory mix.

Apply a Much Better Butter

Almond butter has a luscious, decadent taste and texture, and is perfect for a quick breakfast fix. Spread on lightly toasted whole-wheat toast for a quick breakfast loaded with protein, fiber, and healthy fat. Slice a banana to add some sweet, or take one with you for a bit of additional fiber and potassium.

Load up on Protein

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Protein, as part of your breakfast, will leaving you feeling full and allow you to maintain a state of alertness throughout your day. Eggs are the perfect morning breakfast protein. Try a sliced hard boiled egg with mashed avocado on a toasted whole-wheat English muffin. The egg’s protein and the muffin’s fiber will keep you going. The avocado will supply antioxidants and healthy fats to maintain that full feeling for more of the day.

Skipping increases the risk of diabetes

No breakfast might also mess with your blood sugar. An additional study found that females who on a regular basis didn’t consume breakfast had a 20 percent enhanced danger of developing type 2 diabetes. Missing the morning meal has been linked to damaged sugar tolerance and that is even more connected with the onset of prediabetes and also diabetes.

It’s theorized that the irregular spikes in blood sugar occurring during extended fasting, followed by overeating, stresses the body, potentially leading to insulin resistance.

Eat Breakfast, but Eat Smart!

Overall, the value of eating breakfast has been proven, however focus needs to be placed on what exactly you’re eating. If you make smart choices, you’ll have energy to excel each day while managing your weight.



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